Slifer Designs Wins Second Consecutive Luxe RED Award

Slifer Designs was recently awarded the “Residential Excellence in Design” (RED) award for Contemporary Interior Design from Luxe Magazine. The winning home, one that is contemporary in design but with layered, contrasting textiles throughout, stood out in a field of entries. This is the second year the iconic design firm has won the prestigious award.

This year’s winner is in Estes Park, Colorado, and exudes warmth and whimsy with a curated design. The original project was meant to be a somewhat minimal remodel to bring the existing home up to date. However, the homeowners soon realized they were not taking advantage of the incredible 360-degree views that overlook Longs Peak just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, that act as a backdrop for the house. Over the course of four years, the house was razed and rebuilt based on the client’s exacting choices — it had to fit in with the landscape but be distinctive and set apart from other homes. The result was an exciting project for the design team to create, and for the warehouse team to install at 9,500 feet in the mountains.

“What I love about the house is how the materials all come together,” shares Kim Toms, Managing Principal at Slifer Designs. The juxtaposition of materials creates a warm, welcoming feel without being kitschy. The clean lines and open spaces are in harmony with the textural elements. “It’s such a pretty collection of contrasting materials.”

This mixed use of materials was one of the criteria on which the project was judged. The panel of industry experts evaluated submissions based on a combination of each project’s engaging aesthetic value, how well it fits into its regional environment, and an original approach to the use of mediums and textiles. Slifer Designs’ winning submission successfully combined all three elements, elevating the design of the interior to match the natural beauty of its surroundings.

From the moment one walks into the home, with curved walls covered in a warm textured wood, the aesthetic is felt like a warm embrace — and it’s imbued with meaning and impact. As with every project the Slifer Designs team creates, this house is ultimately a reflection of its owners, pulling from their interests and life history. In this case, the clients wanted a simple design that married both partners’ passions: one a scientist and one a nurturer. The homeowners were involved in the creative process, and wanted to resonate with the design elements and why each piece was chosen.

For Slifer Designs, the RED Award is an acknowledgement of the creative path that this project took — blending personal history, natural environment, and excellence in design — to create a truly stunning homestead.

Below: images of the winning home in Estes Park.

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